Tour Med
Tour Med is geared toward the corporate side of travel. They cover a wider range of expatriot and inpatriot needs that most travel insurance companies do not. These additional coverages are important especially if you are in a line of work that requires you to take risks and travel into unsafe places. Without this extensive type of insurance, you are left vulnerable to many exposures that could put you in quite the predicament should you become ill or are injured.

Please use the reference #RE58 when contacting Tour Med for insurance

TIC is geared toward the personal side of travel generally used for vacations. Your out of country or out of province coverage through work or a personal plan may not cover all the key points that you require for travel, ie duration of trip. Always check to see what you are already covered for and contact us if you have any questions or require additional travel insurance.

Travel Advisory
The link provided above is to the website for Canadian travelers. It includes the Travel Advisory Reports and Warnings giving you access to up to date information concerning your travel destinations. You will want to make sure, should there be a warning concerning your destination, that it not affect your travel insurance’s effectiveness. Some travel insurance companies even have policies in effect so that your cancellation insurance includes this as a reasonable motive to terminate your plans.

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