Mitchell Sandham Provides Safety Tips in Advance of Storm

October 21, 2015 | smeditor

Travel with a vehicle emergency kit in anticipation of extreme weather

Environment Canada has issued a storm watch across areas of Ontario for today and tomorrow. In anticipation of this we are proactively reminding our clients to stay safe while driving and to ensure they have taken proper precautions within their homes as well.

Below is a list of tips that we encourage you to follow ahead of the storm activity:

· Use extreme caution when travelling in your vehicle.

It’s extremely essential to have an emergency travel kit ready in your vehicle at all times, in the event of extreme weather. Kit contents should include:

· Blanket
· Flashlight and batteries
· Fully-charged cell phone
· Extra clothing – includes hats, gloves and boots
· First aid kit
· Map or GPS
· Bottled water
· Ice scraper and/or snow brush
· Flares
· Extra windshield washer fluid
· Battery booster cables
· Bag of sand or salt
· Shovel
· Candy or chocolate bar for energy
· Paper towels
· Matches

An emergency kit should also be kept inside the home as well in the event of power outages and should include:

· Bottled water
· Flashlights/battery powered lantern
· Fully charged cell phone
· Non-perishable food items
· Essential medications
· Essential items for babies or elderly people with special needs

By keeping abreast of weather conditions and having the right items on hand you will be better prepared for severe weather activity.

This is in no means a full list of precautionary items to follow although it will certainly provide a good starting point for you.  For further information please contact our office.

Ryan Mitchell, CAIB, CPIB
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