January 3, 2018 | smeditor

The first prosecution and jail time for an individual (Nazier Karigar re air india, here) under canada’s 15 yr old corrpution of foreign public officials act (CFPOA). There have been three corporate charges or settlements since inception of the act in 1999. Griffiths Energy International Inc. in 2013, SNC-Lavalin in 20013, and Niko resources ltd. in 2011 and Hydro Kleen in 2005. No doubt there will be more, as this minimal precedent will not be seen as a strong deterent for a practice that is still widely defended in canada and throught the world and is still very profitable. in fact, bribery payments were a legal businss expence to 1986 (search McLeaod and wishart of Dentons Canada and “Foreign anti-cprruption compliance: director and officer obligation and considerations”.)

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