Group Retirement Plans

Group retirement plans

It is abundantly clear that many Canadians do not have an employer sponsored retirement program. It is also clear that many Canadians haven’t saved enough for retirement.

In the workplace the demand for top talent is at an all time premium. Current employees and potential new hires are definitely drawn to organizations that show compassion and helping them save for the future creates a corporate culture that employers can be proud of.

Employers are becoming more responsible for not only providing a means to earn a living but whether you help your employees plan for their future after they stop working has become a hot topic.

For Mitchell Sandham clients we:

    • Custom tailor a program that meets the needs of the employer
    • Help keep you compliant with the cap guidelines
    • Create a retirement review committee
    • Educate your employees on their role in participating
    • Create appreciation and awareness
    • Competitive institutional pricing

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