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In the construction and contracting industry, there are a lot of things that can leave your business financially vulnerable. From on-the-job injuries to equipment damage to customer legal actions, you need to be sure you have the right insurance coverage.

At Mitchell Sandham, our construction specialists understand the exposures of the industry and use a 360° Risk Review process to create a quote that is straightforward, yet comprehensive. And as part of that process, we’ll make recommendations to help you manage your company’s unique areas of risk, while maximizing cost savings.

We have strong, long-term relationships with all the insurance companies, but are independent of them, which means we get optimum coverage and pricing. What’s more, if you need to make a claim, we’ll be here to help you reach the best settlement.

Request our 360° Risk Review and learn how it can help you plan for cost-effective coverage.

Certificate of insurance – our 60-minute guarantee

A certificate of insurance shows another company or a client that you have a policy in place for your business. It shows the type of insurance, the name of the insured and the insurance company, the limits and deductibles, and the effective/expiration dates of your policy.

We’ll email you a certificate of insurance immediately after you buy your policy. And if you ever need an extra copy, we’ll send one out within 60 minutes of receiving your request – simply fill out our certificate request form.

Contract surety bonding

Whether your business is involved in general contracting, civil projects and road building, sewer and water main systems, sub-trades, construction suppliers, or manufacturers, we’ll create the surety facility you need.

  • Agreement to bond letters
  • Bid bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Maintenance, supply and lien bonds

For maximum protection, we recommend the following coverage:

    • Business Property
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Contractors Equipment
    • Contractors Pollution Liability
    • Contractors Errors and Omissions Liability
    • Installation
    • General Liability
    • Equipment Breakdown
    • Faulty Workmanship
    • Business Interruption
    • Crime
    • Surety Bonding
    • Builders Risk Coverage
    • Wrap-Up Liability
    • Rip and Tear Coverage

    We also offer:

    • Commercial Automobile Fleet insurance
    • Group Employee Benefits Plans

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