Non-Profit Organizations

Coverage to protect your organization

Non-Profit organizations are created for wide-ranging reasons such as hobbies, support or activism. But the shared goals, finances and group activities create potential for legal or financial risks, and without proper coverage, individuals could find themselves shouldering the costs.

Mitchell Sandham’s non-profit insurance is designed to protect your group so you can stay focused on your collective goals. Our specialists will make sure you’ve got the most cost-effective coverage possible, and if you ever need to make a claim, we’re here to help you do it.

We are an independent broker, yet our long-term relationships with leading insurance companies help us offer the best rates and service in the industry.

For maximum protection, we recommend the following coverage:

    • Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Liability
    • Blanket Accident Insurance
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Commercial Property Insurance
    • Crime Coverage
    • Directors and Officers Liability
    • Errors & Omissions Liability (E&O)
    • Non-owned Automobile Liability
    • Owned Automobile Insurance
    • Tenants Legal Liability
    • Umbrella Liability

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