Realty & Property Management

Protecting your real estate investments

As the owner of rental or leased properties, you need to have good risk-management strategies. This includes knowing how to vet prospective tenants, getting the right property managers, and finding reliable maintenance contractors, to name a few. It also includes choosing the right insurance coverage.

At Mitchell Sandham, our BusinessPro insurance is ideal for multifaceted businesses like real estate management. BusinessPro leverages our strong yet independent relationships with the big insurance companies, to provide a range of coverages that we will customize to your portfolio.

BusinessPro will address the exposures your business faces, to ensure you have the best coverage and service for your properties and tenants. And if you ever need to make a claim, we’ll work with you and help you throughout the process to ensure the optimum settlement.

Start with our 360° Risk Review

Realty and building ownership is complex, and each portfolio is unique. Mitchell Sandham’s 360° Risk Review lets us give you a quote that is straightforward yet comprehensive, and will help you manage and reduce your exposure while maximizing cost savings.

Request our 360° Risk Review and learn how it can help you plan for cost-effective coverage.

For maximum protection, we recommend the following coverage:

    • Commercial General Liability
    • Errors & Omissions
    • General Liability
    • Landlords Insurance
    • Professional Liability
    • Property Management Professional Liability
    • Realtors Insurance
    • Resident Injury
    • Tenant Discrimination
    • Wrongful Eviction

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