Surety Bonding

Customized Surety Bonding solutions as unique as your business

Nobody sets out to break a contract. But sometimes it’s not possible to deliver what you’ve promised – whether the products fail, or employees or subcontractors don’t do what you’ve hired them to do. Surety bonds protect your commitment to your customers and vendors by guaranteeing compensation if you’re not able to fulfill your end of the contract.

Mitchell Sandham offers bonding for many types of businesses, including trucking and logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and processing, to name a few. Our specialists understand industry needs, and will give you the best rates and service in the industry. With independent but strong connections to the insurance companies, they will work with you during the application and underwriting process to ensure your bond meets all your obligations, so you can stay focused on your business.

Contact Surety Products we offer :

    • Prequalification Letters
    • Agreements to Bond Letters
    • Bid Bonds
    • Labour & Material Payment Bonds
    • Maintenance Bonds
    • Performance Bonds

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